Looks nice, isn’t it? But what are we talking about when we are talking about a solid infrastructure? Do we mean the durability of the hardware components?

Not only. First of all, remember that in IT, an infrastructure means nothing on itself: it must be part of a service. And a service has its lifecycle, is involving people and processes, and does not refer just on the configuration items characteristics you have defined in the service design phase. Just have a look on the ITIL wheel, and you know that you have to consider service transition and service operation phases as well.

Having this in mind, you can now imagine what we are looking after when we are proposing our Service Performance consulting services: we are inspecting all the aspects of an infrastructure, tracking every possible improvements, and help you to ensure that the IT service you are providing to your users/customers will be efficient, durable, resilient, manageable, and cost effective.

And for sure when we say we are tracking, we are not relying only on excel sheets interviews or self-assessment benchmarks: we have very saavy subject matter experts (SME) which can get the best of your management tools, or helps you to choose the right ones. Below is a non exhaustive list of the software we are using or have already implemented to improve service performance:

  • BMC Performance Management (aka Patrol), ProactiveNet Performance Management (BPPM), BMC Capacity Optimization
  • BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC ControlM, BMC Impact & Event Management
  • HP IT Service Management, HP IT Performance Suite
  • Microsoft Service Center VMM (SCVMM), Hyper V
  • Vmware vCloud Director, vCenter Operations, vSphere
  • Citrix XenServer, Openstack

This is our vision of Service Performance and how we can help you to build a solid infrastructure, in order to drive your clients not only to trust their IT, but to enjoy it!