As soon as a business initiative is supported by a sponsor, this means that you are initiating a project or a program.

If not, it’s a tell for us. Probably you have not set up a Project Management Office (PMO), which should define the project management processes and check that they are applied all over your organization.

Or perhaps you have decided to define your own project management processes, based on your feedback and experience, and you do not care about formal project management methodologies  -e.g PMBoK, Prince 2,..

Why not? You may answer that such frameworks are only best practices, and per definition could be followed or not, or changed if required by a specific context.

Right, nevertheless these best practices have been shared by a huge number of Project management professionals, coming from a lot of different industries, and they all agree with the interest of using such frameworks.

Thus we have at Osphear a lot of lessons learned to share, and which could prevent you from being to rude with the best practices and then loosing money, time or worse: not reaching the business objectives.

Based on our experience, we are therefore really involved in the PMI organization, and we can provide you certified Project Management Professionals (PMP).

These guys may assist you in every knowledge areas of the PMBoK, or manage for you an end-to-end Project or even a whole Program or Project Porfolio. If you need to refresh your Project Management processes, we are also able to work with your PMO to handle this, based on your preferred methodology framework (PMBoK or Prince 2).
And if you are starting from scratch, we would be very proud to set-up a PMO for you, as we have already did for top tier companies.

Now that you are aware of our capability, feel free to contact us in order to schedule a meeting and then taste the difference of our professionals. For sure they will help you to define your target, and to stay focused until it has been reached!