At Osphear, we think Enterprise Architecture to be more than just a methodology framework or a set of best practices.

Indeed, it is first of all a way to consider all stakeholders which would be involved in a company initiative, whatever it turns then into a program or a project. Actually it is common sense if you have a look on the PMP/TOGAF/ITIL/… strategy guidelines. But what is less common is the way to do it.

And this is exactly what we have in mind when we are delivering Enterprise Architecture consulting services: we are providing to you real feedbacks, tools and techniques, which have already been used in large/complex organisations.

Moreover, we have something special, coming from the DNA of Osphear: we are doing active listening, whereas a lot are pushing to you a state-of-the-art-unappropriate vision. This means we are really concerned about your context, organization, and most of all your business footprint.

For us, Enterprise Architecture consulting services can therefore be provided trough a lot of different offerings. Here is a sample of assignments for which you might ask us a proposal:

  • CRM Cloud/SaaS available options review, with a cost savings and minimal change impact focus
  • IT service delivery model review, in order to evaluate the interest of an offshore move
  • Business impact analysis, in case of major disasters
  • Market response and competitive behavior use cases, for a set of business initiatives based on emerging technologies
  • Enterprise large contracts negotiation and central sourcing, reducing vendors/services providers while improving day-to-day support standards

We can deliver both trough a dedicated resource, time&materials offering or trough a team based, fixed price contract.

For each proposal, we will provide you our experience and will not be shy for coaching, mentoring,…and finally sharing our passion with you and your organization, but with one motivation: effective consulting.