Introducing Osphear

Dear all,

We are very please to introduce our new company Osphear Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia.  Founded by Gregory Delapierre and Michael Maraval, both Frenchies, one of the first questions we are asked is :

Why Sydney, why Australia ?

In 2011, when my company asked me whether I was interested  in a 3 months critical project in Sydney, having never been to Sydney previously, I said yes without any hesitation. Since I first landed in February 2012, I must admit from that moment on, Australia has bewitched me!

Let’s go back few years ago, back in February 2005. I met Michael Maraval working on a project, it was apparent immediately to both of us that we shared common interests, visions and values, also it was obvious that we completed each other perfectly in our respective fields of expertise. Working in Australia we believe we bring the best of European experience and excellence and felt a need in the market place.

We will explain in a next post what are our offers and our values but I wanted to start with something explaining that Osphear is the accomplishment of many years of interesting encounters, hard work, long discussions and also few drinks.


Gregory Delapierre
Osphear Pty Ltd CEO and Co-founder

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